I love photographing newborns and feel very lucky to do it for my job (who doesn’t love squishy baby cuddles?!).  The safety of each and every baby I photograph is top priority and will never be compromised during any session.  I’ve attended training workshops by the best newborn specialists and photographed hundreds of newborns, babies and children. 

As a mum to 2 cheeky boys I remember those early days and appreciate the challenges of getting out the front door with a new baby (exhausting), so I come to you.  Put your feet up, enjoy a hot cuppa (yes I did say ”hot”) and perhaps even have a little snooze while I take some beautiful photos of your little bundle.

Newborns are newborns for only a short while.  Their soft hair, tiny toes (I love baby feet) and little buttoned nose are so precious but change all too quickly.  The best time to photograph your newborn is within the first 14 days, but don’t worry if this time has already passed as I have successfully photographed many older babies.  Please get in touch and I’ll see where I can squeeze you in.  

I am always photographing my boys (I’m pretty sure they’re bored of my camera now), I love looking back at how they’ve changed over the years and the little reminders the photos hold of so many special moments.  They are my inspiration to capturing beautiful images for you.