Hi.  Thankyou for stopping by, my name is Donna and I am a mobile newborn, family and wedding photographer based in Bordon, Hampshire.

I've always loved being creative, however I was never certain what career road I wanted to take until I started A levels at school over 20 years ago.  I chose photography as one of my subjects and absolutely loved it.  I bought my first 35mm film camera and started shooting everything.  I used my sisters as models, photographed close up nature shots and even scouted out derelict buildings to practise.  Being in the darkroom was the best of fun as I watched my photos come to life.  I still remember the distinct smell of the developing chemicals.  After finishing my A levels I got a job in a photography shop where I learnt from both the staff and the photographers that regularly shopped there.  I envied the photographers that came in and desperately wanted to have my own photography business just like they had.  So a few years on I set up DMG Photographic and furthered my education by completing a degree in photography.

It's been more than 20 years from the first day I picked up a camera and I can honestly say I have the best job ever.  I love having the opportunity to capture some of life's special moments for families to enjoy for years to come. 

I love photographing newborns and I take their safety very seriously by practicing safe baby handling at all times.  Safety is my top priority and will never be compromised during any session.  I've attended training workshops by the best newborn specialists and photographed hundreds of newborns, babies and children.  I would come to your home for your session so you can just sit back and relax without the stress of travelling with a newborn.  As a mother to 2 cheeky boys I know just how precious it is to have photographs from those very first few days.  Their squishy rolls, flaky skin and womb like curl.  Their soft hair, tiny toes and little button nose.  They are so precious and change so quickly.  I am constantly photographing my boys as they grow up and I'm pretty sure they are bored of the camera now. However, I absolutely love looking back at how much they've changed over the years and the little reminders the photos hold of so many special moments.  They are my inspiration to capturing images for my clients as I truly appreciate the value of photographs and how much they are loved and cherished.

Family photography is about capturing the love and connection between parents and their children.  The love, laughter and moments of joy that you experience when spending time together.  I want you to leave your session with stories to tell.  Stories perhaps about how your daughter chased butterflies in the poppy field whilst pretending to be Elsa from Disney frozen or how your son roared and stomped through the woods like a dinosaur whilst on the scout for treasure.  Mummy played hide n seek and daddy gave the best shoulder rides.  This is what I aim to record for you and your family to keep forever.  What will your story be?   

 A wedding is such a lovely occasion to be part of and a pleasure to be asked to photograph.  To capture the emotions and feelings for you and your family to enjoy for generations is very rewarding.  So much time goes into planning a wedding and from the memories of my own wedding it is very difficult to step back and take everything in from the day.  It is my job to capture all those details and preserve memories from your special day that you can enjoy and keep forever.  With a relaxed and unobtrusive approach I will photograph your day as it naturally unfolds.

So if you are looking for a photographer that's passionate about capturing special memories and truly loves her job I'd love to hear from you.

Donna x